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Simple glass walls

Aluminium sections and a glass structure redefine dividing walls

The P600 wall is revolutionising the traditional concept of dividing walls. The P600 rejects the traditional inner structure of crossed bars with fixed panels; it is based on a support structure made from aluminium sections fixed to the floor and the ceiling with a glass, wood or melamine panel.

The idea of vertical posts is replaced by dry polycarbonate joints, which guarantee transparency levels that cannot be achieved by traditional means. This series is not based on standard modules, it adapts to all heights and widths required; the installation thereof is an exclusive project and literally made to measure.

One of the key concepts behind this dividing wall is to be very transparent. This is achieved by using special transparent adhesive polycarbonate sections between the adjacent glass panels. The results are characterised by their visual cohesion. Daylight streams into the spaces, creating an atmosphere of absolute purity and brilliance.
Depending on the context and the design of the project, the glass surface can be treated in different ways: etching with different levels of opacity, printed in vinyl with multiple shapes and designs, or painted with an infinite range of colours. This enables us to adjust the visual privacy of each dividing section from the most minimal level to total coverage, without affecting the required light levels.