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Double glazing, no frame

Performance and transparency in one

The P700 is the development of the P600; a dividing wall system based on extruded aluminium sections, structural glass and adhesive polycarbonate joints. In contrast to the P600 series, this one uses double-glazed panels to improve acoustic insulation and mechanical resistance.

Transparency and versatility are unchanged, while your privacy is improved. Using double glazing means the sound proofing is better. The P700 can be combined with all other standard ARLEX products, fulfilling an infinite variety of requirements.

The key underlying concept of the P700 dividing wall is to create large, open surfaces between vertical posts. It offers the same level of transparency as a single-glazed dividing wall, but has better sound proofing. You can choose the transparency of the glass, meaning you can control the level and quality of light that filters through into interior spaces.
The large variety of P700 system solutions means you can choose partial privacy or a completely solid look. This is achieved by treating the glass or by using Venetian blinds inside, between the glass panels.