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Design in the office: the managerial environment of Aplomb

Sometimes it's all in the name. Aplomb is top-of-the-range managerial furniture, which combine shapes and materials to create relaxed, unique environments. All the details hark back to an old concept of design: specific design for highly prestigious executive environments.

The base of Aplomb furniture is a closed arch structure in polished stainless steel with two longitudinal aluminium mouldings that go around the wood or glass work surface. There are multiple options for spaces and large service units, all with the privacy of indoor spaces.

Elegant flexibility
The creation of managerial surroundings goes hand in hand with the variety of possible combinations and basic elements from the same system. Using the same structure, you can create joined work stations with a dividing support frame; a large wooden bookcase would help create an elegant background.
Style and technology
You can put a vertical cable tidy with a swing door on the side of the table, which is made from metal with a glass front; a system of channels under the top means that your cables will be hidden. The range also has drawers, cabinets and units with the same finish.
Design and finishes
Wengé wood and teak veneers aren't just a way of covering a piece of furniture and its surrounding area; they can also be a chance to create elegant designs by alternating the orientation of the grain. If you choose teak veneer, one of the options available, you can get a boardroom table with an excellent design and individual areas for everyone working in a team.