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Technology in the office

FD205: our collection of managerial and semi-managerial furniture

The FD205 collection is an example of high-level technological furniture for offices. The starting point of the project is its structural system: steel and extruded aluminium that make it very easy to connect legs and the top perimeter structure.

Designed as furniture for managerial and semi-managerial environments, the FD205 furniture collection is exceptionally modular, includes units and chests of drawers on wheels, as well as panelling and bookshelves that enrich the space and the whole surrounding.

High-level managerial furniture
We use aluminium, steel, polymers, wood, and extruded, cast and injected manufacturing processes to create the FD205 range. Specifically, wood (used on worktops, units and bookshelves) is more likely to give a high-level atmosphere and true executive flavour.
Clear and credible
Creating an executive feeling doesn't necessarily mean using complicated or superfluous solutions, but making a clear, credible space. The FD205 collection is a success thanks to the materials chosen and the technological solutions used in this kind of environment, characterised by simple, exceptionally sharp lines.