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Abertis MAD


GCA Arquitectes Associats

The Abertis Group is a well-known consortium of important companies that manages communications in different sectors. Abertis's headquarters in Madrid has been located in a reformed building on Paseo de la Castellana, the Spanish capital's main street, since 2007. The offices have a modern, current feeling thanks to the interior design project carried out by GCA Arquitectes Associats.

ARLEX has carried out the layout work of eight managerial areas, several meeting rooms and the boardroom. The high level of finishes and the exquisite use of natural wood veneer on all the screens create a high-quality, highly respected environment, in accordance with the nature of offices.

A uniform, refined project
The natural wood veneer finishes make the project very cohesive. In addition to the P450 and P600 screens, natural veneer has been used on the large sliding doors at the entrance to the boardroom and offices. The dividing and filing wall cabinets, as well as the covering of the units, are finished using the same wood.