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Jean Nouvel – G.G. Ventosa
Barcelona - 2005

The Agbar Tower was erected a short time ago as an emblematic symbol of post-Olympic Barcelona, an icon that expressed the city's unique architecture, along with the Sagrada Família.

Designed by the French architect Jean Nouvel (winner of the Pritzker Prize in 2008), its aesthetic is related to the immense jet of a geyser and the neighbouring mountains of Montserrat.

It was a proud moment for ARLEX to take part in fitting out such an emblematic building, dividing the interiors planned by the García Ventosa Arquitectura studio, via the design, manufacture and installation of a stainless steel and glass dividing partition wall, Stargate, which was specially created so that the impressive exterior was reflected in the interior. This lets in as much light as possible without compromising privacy or the structure's integrity.

The Stargate wall
The Stargate is a dividing screen with laminated glass and stainless steel sections at the top and bottom. These sections are adhered to the glass panels, which reach a height of 2.6 metres. A film of pixelated vinyl was applied to the glass surface to guarantee visual privacy.
Interiors and exteriors
The colours of the interior match the covering of the exterior aluminium panels. The exterior colour of the panels is red up to the 13th floor, which is reflected in the vinyl used on the doors, then the panels are blue from the 16th to the 23rd floor. The same colour is repeated in the furniture and the suspended ceilings.
Functional and attractive
The innovative design of the Stargate wall responds to the requirements of the modern working areas at the Agbar Tower. The cabling goes around the floor and goes up via a brushed steel console in the glass. The partition system reduces noise levels to a minimum of 39 dB.