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Agbar Collblanc


Arq. Leopoldo Rodés

The headquarters of the Aguas de Barcelona International Group is located at the access point to Barcelona at Avinguda Diagonal; from this building a large part of Aguas de Barcelona's network is coordinated and managed. The architect Leopold Rodés (DAU3) designed the building as a 6-floor cube that rises from the ground with an area of water around it. DAU3 also took care of the interior layout of the building, then Metamorfosi, directed by the architect Claudi Minguell, carried out the made-to-measure interior design project.

ARLEX laid out the offices and the rooms in the four ordinary floors using solid P450 and P600 dividing walls with glass front panels. The 5th floor for directors has the same screen models, but has superior finishes (lacquered RAL9006 panels in horizontal pieces, screen cabinets with framed glass doors, etc.). The 1st floor was a made-to-measure project with furniture designed to respond to specific requirements.

Made-to-measure project
The 1st floor was specially designed to have walls with automatic sliding glass doors that reached the ceiling. It has unique, bespoke elements such as a large control box, a crisis room and furniture designed for the project: lockers, offices, storage furniture, furniture for printing facilities, etc. Unique iron fittings were used to fulfil the requirements of the project (retractable monitors, folding doors, swing doors, special chests of drawers, etc.)