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Renovation and development of an office of the company Agua KMZERO by CO-A STUDIO. This brand of sustainable water is based on the concepts of quality, ecology and economy of proximity. The objective was that the atmosphere of their offices became part of their own identity. ETUDIO CO-A achieved this goal reflecting Agua KMZERO’s values in the interior design project.

On the one hand, we sought to work with recyclable materials (ecology). On the other hand, we used all the elements of the original architecture of industrial origin (proximity / economy). Finally, the glass of ARLEX’s P600s partition wall was used to enhance and contrast with the rest of the materials (quality).

Photos taken by JOSÉ HEVIA.

The distribution consists of an open space plant, as it was in its original state. Two closed modules required by the client were introduced, as well as the management office and the meeting room. These two modules distribute and organize the space, thanks to the transparent division enabled by ARLEX P600s’s partition wall.