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Tasvalor Arq. Fdo Borrego

Cesce is a state company and was founded in 1970 from the main banks and insurance companies in Spain. It provides insurance services to companies with risks, both on the Spanish market and abroad. Dividing screens with double glazing, single glazing and glazed sections were installed for this office in Madrid.

The concept of the interior design project for the new headquarters on Calle Serrano was based on simulating stones piled up in rows using adhesive vinyl films on the walls. The final effect was a very dynamic environment that fuses the geometry of the surfaces with the different colours of the prints.

Stone by stone
The office corridors have single-glazed dividing walls from the P600 series, which are covered with adhesive vinyl panels showing piled up stones in rows, all coordinated chromatically with the floor covering.
Coordinated chromatics
The basic colours are different in all corridors and common areas depending on the colour of the wall and the floor covering. The number of each floor is printed in floor-to-ceiling height in the lift areas.