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Casas i Florenza Arquitectes Associats
Vic - 2005

The law firm Pragma has set up its new headquarters in the city's main building, striving for a refined nature in its interiors.
The offices are aligned to the exterior of the building using solid screens in natural teak veneer combined with double-glazed P700 screens.

The Cartesio range, chosen by Casas Arquitectes, answers the need for light, functional, high-quality office furniture with the possibility of creating individual work areas, group stations or even conference tables.

Refined natural wood
The table tops, solid screens and the cabinet walls are all finished in natural teak veneer, which combine with the aluminium colour of the metal parts of the tables and the P700 screen structure.
Decorative and private
The design of the vinyl panels used on the glass screens give personality to the ensemble and make the offices more private.