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EBN Banco


B&G Arquitectura

ARLEX has been given the task of installing 400 m2 of P600 screens and 90 m2 of lacquered cabinet walls in the offices of EBN Banco de Negocios. The building is located on Paseo de Recoletos in Madrid, one of the main business streets in the city. The building has 6 floors, whose interior design was taken care of by B&G Arquitecturas.

The P600 wall can create exclusive, made-to-measure projects. It replaces the traditional inner structure of crossed bars with fixed panels and it adapts to the height and width required by the project. This dividing wall is based on a support structure made from aluminium sections fixed to the ground and the ceiling with a glass, wood or melamine panel.

Independent layouts
The glass screen surrounds the whole cabinet, giving the required privacy between offices, which also ensures that light can filter through to the whole floor. Different finishes in white, maple or dark grey, going from light to more dark, were chosen for the cabinet walls. The project has different common areas for employees, such as meeting rooms, offices and leisure rooms.