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Din A-3
El Prat de LLobregat (BCN)

The extremely famous Italian multinational that makes the well-known Ferrero Rocher chocolates, Ferrero Iberia S.A. (www.ferrero.es) opened its headquarters in Barcelona. The interiors of the offices at the Mas Blau Business Park in the town of El Prat de Llobregat was designed by the architecture and construction company Din-A-3 (www.dina3.cat), which specialises in comprehensive office and franchise decoration projects, together with ARLEX's team in Barcelona. Ferrero continued the first remodelling of the offices, carried out in 2005, aimed towards a more modern work methodology and look, by updating the interiors, giving them a more fresh and prestigious touch.

Subsequently, several refurbishments have added to the interiors, creating good finishes for the different work areas and needs for the company's growth. ARLEX used the high-quality P450 screen in natural wood, the double-glazed screen and automatic blinds from the P700 range in the interior layout of the offices and service rooms, specifically in managerial areas such as the Prestige Room. All-glass P600 front panels, and melamine and aluminium dividers were installed in the offices and service rooms. The open computing area combines glass P600 walls with furniture from the Cartesio range in white/silver, creating stylish work areas.

High-quality finishes
Unique installation solutions were used, which added to the overall concept of the project, giving cohesion to the different stages of the refurbishments carried out at different times. The office was completed with a high level of finishes, which represent the company's evolution. Some of these elements are: screens with vinyl and the company's logo in relief, back-lit P600 wardrobes, dividing mobile screens to give the rooms extra features, automatic glass doors, as well as the wall around the inner staircase made from a P600 screen.