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Germans Vila


Kits Interiorisme
Les Franqueses del Vallès

In contrast to the trend of many industries that set up their offices in estates near large cities, the company Germans Vila preferred to renovate an old farm in a rural area to create its new headquarters.

The project combines the most traditional aspects of the building, such as the stone walls and ceramic floors, with glass dividing walls and contemporary furniture, resulting in a successful contrast of the old and the new that offers high levels of functionality in a building far away from the standard image of a company headquarters.

Glass and stone
The project used the P600 single-glazed range with dividing walls, doors and hinges integrated into the stone walls; the floors are made from ceramic tiles, a choice that highlights the transparency and brilliance of the interior while making the most of traditional materials.
The interior
Work stations from the Cartesio and C.O.D. ranges can be found in the last floor of the building in a space organised by a set of opaque glazed dividers, used to close off the stairs and separate spaces.