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Palau Generalitat


Servicio Arq. Dpt. Presidencia
Barcelona - 2005

The medieval building is located in the historic centre of Barcelona, in what used to be the city's Roman forum. It is one of the few medieval buildings in Europe that is still the seat of a government. One of the main aims of the remodelling of the Palau de la Generalitat was the incorporation of new facilities and respecting such an emblematic building.

Dividing elements from the P450 range were installed around the cloister, in the solid screen version with a height of 2,200 mm in combination with the top parts and transversal walls from plasterboard.
The dividing screens manage to respect the building's areas of historic and architectural interest, creating an entirely integrated ensemble that makes the building even more beautiful.

Cutting-edge design respecting medieval origins
It is noted for the area with a P600 self-supporting glass screen with a cabinet wall that is 2.200 mm in height to support the Gothic stone vault.
Luminosity to light up history
The light bi-laminated finishes contrast with the wood and stone medieval structure.
Multiple functionality
The P450 screen chosen for the covered cloister combines solid parts with double-glazed areas and interior Venetian blinds, creating different offices and multiple working areas.