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Renta Corporación


GCA Arquitectes Associats

Renta Corporación is a real estate company that dedicates itself to buying and selling buildings, plots of land and houses for more than 20 years. The commercial headquarters is located in a two office buildings complex from 1995 in Barcelona. The project was designed by two architects from Madrid: Íñigo Ortiz and Enrique León. Both of them are known for designing corporate buildings like the Edificio Torre MAPFRE in Barcelona and the Edificio Sanitas in Madrid.

GCA Arquitectes Associats designed the new lobby and the renovation of the three floors to accommodate the new distribution and interior design with an open space office and some private offices in the perimeter area of the facade. ARLEX participated in the expansion and distribution of the service’s central core using the same elements of the glass partition wall with an anodized aluminum profile that unifies the office.

Elegance, warmth and spaciousness
For the division of the three plants of the building, ARLEX has installed P450 partition walls with melamine and oak wood finishings. The combination between walls and doors with the P600 glass partition walls and the P700 double glazed partition walls give an elegant, warm and spacious look to the new offices.