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Estudio A22 Arquitecturas

Saurecycling is dedicated to the commercialisation of metals and broken products to be recycled. Its headquarters in the municipality of Meco in the Madrid region was designed by the architect Daniel Ruiz and its interior design was taken care of by the studio A22 Arquitecturas.

It has a modern image that is sensitive to the environment, in accordance with the company's philosophy, both architecturally and in its interior. The work rooms are distributed around a central closed patio, giving the building a great feeling of space and luminosity.

Making the most of the natural light
The project carried out by ARLEX used a P900 screen system, giving it a multi-functional nature and natural light, factors which are highly valued in a workplace. The layout of the screens creates diverse compositions, combining an asymmetrical glass pane, a central glass pane and two other glass panes. The aim of the P900 dividing wall is to create functional, pleasant and elegant surroundings.
Acoustic comfort
The combination of P900 screens and sliding double-glazed doors means spaces and departments can be separated acoustically without breaking the visual cohesion provided by glass dividing walls. The dividing walls have 12-mm framed swing doors and double-glazed sliding doors with painted glass panelling.