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Dpt. Project Management de Cushman & Wakefield
Barcelona - 2009

Softonic Internacional S.L./Intershare S.L, the company in the Intercom Group specialising in downloading programs and selling multi-platform software and hardware, expanded its offices at its Barcelona headquarters. It is a new-generation and architecturally sustainable building. Architects from Brullet-De Luna Arquitectos were chosen to carry out the project. The project management project carried out by Cushman&Wakefield is outstanding for the perfect interpretation of the customer's needs, embodied in layouts, spaces and materials that are entirely appropriate for the functions and modern way of working at Softonic.

Softonic's growth has led to four different works being carried out at different stages in the same building, including the layout and furnishing of four floors, each measuring 1,350 m2. Meeting deadlines, as well as the quality of the assembly and the material, has enabled ARLEX to carry out each stage successively. The products used in the work floors are from the Cartesio furniture range (work "pools" in the open-space areas) and P700 screens in the meeting rooms, which are the only "closed" spaces on the floor. Solid elements are added to the dividing walls to support screens, projections, etc. along with glass front panels.

Stepped-up quality
All of the product ranges used in the Softonic offices are the embodiment of improved quality. The 17th floor has the same layout and work criteria as the rest of the installations. It uses the same building materials with other finishes. Glass with interior tinted butyl (black/white), doors and coverings in shiny lacquer (piano lacquer), polished aluminium finishes (mirror effect), etc. were used in the project.