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Rafael de la Hoz - DEGW

With some 200 million users, Telefónica is the leading telephone company in Spain and one of the largest in the world. One of the most important strategic operations for the Group was creating space for 14,000 employees and all its offices in a 400,000 m2 headquarters, called the District C Communications City, in Madrid.

It is the largest, most complicated office complex in Europe: 15 buildings under one roof protecting them from the sun which converts energy into electricity using solar panels. The complex also has restaurants, gyms and wellbeing centres.

Six and a half hectares of walls
The Telefónica project involved the installation of 65,000 m² of partitions, the equivalent of six and a half football pitches. The interiors were designed by the studio DEGW. Glazed walls from the P600 range were used in the halls and common areas, while the offices were separated using solid panels from the P450 range.
Wood, glass and metal
The glass walls from the P600 range are transparent or have glazed vinyl strips, and in areas they reach 3 metres in height. The lower section of the windows contains the guide for the sliding doors. The solid P450 walls have been covered in white melamine in the offices and in maple for the managerial and meeting areas.
Useful walls
The walls in the meeting rooms have metal panels with a special cork covering, which can be used as blackboards and notice boards. It's a practical solution that increases the versatility of the partition system.