Arlex Office

Arlex Oficina

The wide range of ARLEX products uses experience as a way to project office furniture

Every ARLEX project was the starting point of a detailed analysis into the needs of our customers and the market, as well as continued studies into the forms and materials that have come about as a response to or as a reaction to new design trends; they fulfil all regulations and ergonomic requirements. It is the culmination point of a design development process, the final objective of which is to produce practical, striking office environments which are noted for their top quality.

However, any customer or designer who wants to use our products to create a different, attractive work environment can also be another starting point. ARLEX's product range includes everything you need to create a cutting-edge, contemporary office environment, from desks to dividing walls, including storage units and chairs. You'll find short descriptions about each product and a photo gallery of our catalogues in this section.