Apartamento Barcelona Marta Poyuelo

Apartamento Barcelona

This is a special project. A house fully equipped with Olut furniture. A diaphanous apartment in which the entrance, kitchen, living room, work area and bedroom areas have been designed with solutions created with Olut pieces. A space that combines simplicity and functionality to create a modern, off-road and Nordic-inspired home where simplicity prevails without being exempt from class and beauty. Nordic or Scandinavian style decoration never goes out of style as it is based on a primary objective: to create spaces that are welcoming and relaxing. Nordic decoration seeks to flood the rooms with light, eliminating architectural barriers, dispensing with curtains and painting the walls in light colours.

When the family decided to carry out the project, they set out to find a solution for an open space that would fulfill different functionalities. Then they met the Olut design team and from then on, it was love at first sight. From Olut a multifunctional diaphanous space was proposed. Marta, the owner, tells us the ins and outs of the project and the reasons why they opted for Olut as a comprehensive solution to equip the different areas with their different functionalities.