Deutshe Schule BCN


Deutshe Schule BCN

ARLEX has installed the new partitioning system of the classrooms for the Deutsche Schule of Barcelona, in a total of 63 classrooms divided into 2 towers and 6 floors. Works done in 1 month taking advantage of the school holidays,

The partitioning system, completely designed according to the project by Nicolás Markuerkiaga and Mariana Plana from Zaga Arquitectura, basically uses birch plywood and glass camera, to achieve the necessary transparency and acoustics for the different spaces.

Different floors, with different uses depending on the ages of the students, are differentiated by the color of the vertical lining and the use of coat racks in the preschool classes or banks in the primary school area, always showing the same aesthetic character.

The partition system is based on a perimeter structure completely made of 30mm thick birch plywood board, varnished on a water base, in order to be environmental friendly and giving a completely natural finish.