Project Arlex with BG Arquitectura - Madrid


Acoustic comfort to promote concentration and privacy

Proyecto GBS FINANCE- Arlex descripción

Attention to acoustics has been one of the main pillars in the development of BG Arquitectura project for the GBS Finance Madrid headquarters GBS Finance, executed by Impar Build, from Grupo Impar. 

MA7 acoustic double glazed partition has been selected for the creation of meeting-rooms and offices, in grey finish. Transparent glasses and smart glass with opacity control have been used to provide convenient privacy at all times. 

Acoustic blind doors, flush to both sides of the partition, with double rubber adjustment ensure high comfort and privacy in offices and meeting rooms. The doors with concealed frame are finished in natural oak veneer varnished.

Project Gallery GBS Finance

Collaborative project Arlex & BG Arquitectura in Madrid for GBS Finance