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Abertis BCN



The Abertis Group, known for its large consortium of companies such as Acesa, Saba, Abertis Logística, Abertis Telecom and Abertis Aeropuerto, is located in the newly built corporate buildings at the Business Park in the Zona Franca area in Barcelona. The building was designed by the noted Barcelonian architect Ricardo Bofill (www.ricardobofill.es), who is known internationally. It is unique for its double-glazed façade and its roof inspired by the movement of waves. The interior was designed by GCA Arquitectes Associats (www.gcaarq.com), one of the studios with the largest number of projects in Barcelona.

The Abertis Group building is a pioneering office space due to its significant use of glass in relation to its area separators and using cabinet screens as dividing walls and units at the same time, which enables the space to be planned according to the company's requirements. ARLEX has taken part in the refurbishment and re-layout of these newly built corporate buildings. The project consisted of three stages: 4,700 m2 of cabinet screens installed in building A; 3,800 m2 of cabinet screens installed in building B for the companies in the Group; and 300 m2 of screen/coverings in building C, which contains the logistics and communication facilities.

Long-lasting solutions
After the main project, ARLEX regularly carried out layout work to make the most of practically all the screens and materials installed initially, maintaining the kinds of screen and the finish of the materials. This was an important point for the customer to guarantee the longevity of the product and the building solutions used.
Effective dividing walls
The walls are from a standard series of modules which can be adapted to the requirements of any project and which include doors, cabinets, solid or glass panels, both horizontal and vertical. The following were installed for this project: birch melamine P450 screens with P600 glass at the top, self-supporting cubicles finished in wood veneer, double-height screens with a middle section, and glass P600 screens with swing and sliding doors.