New 2024 Quienes Somos Arlex Design S.L EN

Passion for design and quality since 1963

The history of our brand is based on tradition and experience as specialized designers and manufacturers, to which continuous improvement and innovation have been added with the incorporation of the latest technological advances. We have the past as the driving reference towards the construction of the future. We have our own facilities in Les Franqueses with more than 15 thousand square meters.



This allows us greater independence and flexibility, producing locally, taking care of all the details of the process and selecting the best woods. Each piece of furniture is made with love for our profession to make people's lives easier and preserve the planet with furniture that lasts over time.

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Our vision
Industry reference

We operate in the office and home furniture manufacturing and design sector as new artisans who fuse classic elegance with contemporary innovation to create functional spaces that inspire creativity, encourage collaboration and reflect the unique identity of each client who values quality, Distinctive design and attention to detail.



Our objectives
We are your best partner.

At Arlex, we are committed to transcending conventional expectations of office and home furniture design. Our mission is to inspire our clients to live and work in environments that reflect their style and personality, bringing beauty, functionality and harmony to every corner of their lives.  


Modern and minimalist aesthetic
Designers and Collaborators

The purpose of ARLEX Design is to offer quality products with the best design and respect for the environment. The internal development department has designers of recognized international prestige for the creation of new products in which sustainability is one of the pillars on which we stand and hope to contribute by creating a better present and future.