Vero Montijano

RIMIRIM DESIGN  is an interior design studio that carries out complete projects from the first ideas to a turnkey project. Always taking into account the needs of the client. Each project is approached individually. Its main value lies in the exquisite attention to each of the phases that involve an interior design project. They design each of the spaces taking into account the important aspects provided by the client and treating details with special care. The space is adapted to the needs of the client and therefore, a unique and differentiated area is created.
The new office headquarters of RM ARQUITECTURA and RIMIRIM design responds to the new concepts of spaces, whose leadership model is based on accessibility, transparency, collaboration and the elimination of hierarchies, so that its example is inspiring for the rest from the workers. Providing the worker with a wide range of  spaces to choose where and how he wants to work based on the type of activity  he is carrying out at any given time, regardless of his hierarchical position, will be the basis of the modern organization. From meetings between work groups, through informal meetings or moments that require privacy, concentration or relaxation.

RM ARQUITECTURA is an architecture studio based in Palma that offers a comprehensive service in all phases of a project: drafting, execution and reception. The team of Technical Architects, Quantity Surveyors and Building Engineers carry out monitoring from the drafting phase of the project with the support of the Project-Facility Manager and the Interior Designer, to the execution and reception phases of the project with the support of the Project Manager.